Cherry Blossoms in Spring by Myung (Mario) Jung - Silver And Gold

Cherry Blossoms in Spring by Myung (Mario) Jung

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Original Oil on Canvas


31.5 in x 24.5 in

Born in Seoul, South Korea on September 14, 1949, Myung “Mario” Jung began his promising career as an artist in the mid 80’s. His life changed dramatically when he was paralyzed, blinded and deafened as side effects from a catastrophic, third-story, balcony fall. Not interested in food, Mario was giving up until he had a spiritual dream that renewed his strength and his will to live.

Leaving doctors, family, and friends amazed and perplexed, Mario recovered completely and has since meticulously developed his flexible artistic style. Working in a multitude of genres, Mario’s emerging popularity is heightened by his ability to create a diverse range of work from classic and realistic stills, popular among Nu Realists Collectors, to Passionate Impastos with richly textured details.

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