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This was my first time shopping online - at you all made it so easy. I also like the fact that I can use my debit card - oh - and the jewelry was very nice. The gift box was surprisingly nice, too! Teresa B., Omaha, NE

This is my second order with silver and gold. I was pleased with the items thus far. My only concern is that the selection of brooches really needs to be expanded. I love the earrings, though. They were a gift to myself!" Sara V., Providence, RI

This was a wonderful piece of jewelry. I am so pleased with my purchase! I bought this for my daughter but I decided to keep it! The Topaz has a nice cut and clarity. Diane C., Tempe, AZ

The value for product offered was nice and I think the product was honestly represented. The delivery time was quick, too and I like the free delivery. Thanks for using delivery confirmation, too - that really puts my mind at ease. Jennifer B., Annapolis, MD

My wife really likes the earrings - I am glad that you made the whole experience hassle-free. I will be back on her birthday for more. Thanks again for a job well done and a happy wife. Robert R., Grand Rapids, MI

Good delivery times, prompt shipping, securely packaged, and nice items. Sue P., West Lafayette, IN

I usually dont like buying online. Your prices are great though and I figured it was worth the chance - you really delivered. The earrings were really nice and professionally cut. The Amethyst had good color - although I like really dark Amethyst this was good. I also liked the box! I will be back soon! Janice G., St. Louis, MO

Great - your customer service people were very helpful - I am glad that there is a toll free number to call. I also like the fact that you have a real store! We are from Toledo and you are not far from us - we will certainly visit you soon. Thanks again for all the help. Daphne Y., Toledo, CA

I found you from your sister site, LookInTheAttic - they have great deals and I was hoping for the same here - you did not dissappoint! Samantha A., Austin, TX

I am glad that your ring sizes are the real deal. Sometimes I buy rings and they just dont fit. Your ring sizes were true and the quality was good. I look forward to getting more in the future. I also liked the packing and the box - it is a really nice ring box. Helen G., Tampa, FL

My sister is going to freek. The necklace and matching earrings are awesome! I cant wait to wear them out. Thanks again! Marsha G., Orlando, FL


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